[ Cambodia Trip ] Walking on the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia

Sihanoukville can be one of the towns in Cambodia that partitions suppositions. On one hand hikers cherish it for its event party scene and flawless shorelines. On the other individuals say to evade it because of the vendors, both youthful and old, that handle the shorelines bothering travelers and the assumed vicinity of the ‘Russian


The tips on backpacking not everyone knows

Paulo Coelho, author of the famous book The Alchemist, is one of his favorite authors. Van’s gentle, calm, carry physical and philosophical meditation. I usually choose his books as Like the flowing river, Manual of the Warrior of Light … to mate while on the road, just carefree seaside break just reading a book, or


Detailed guidelines to entrying the Marasa road

From SG under QL20 through Bao Loc, Di Linh, when coming to fork Ta Hine then we will turn right into QL28B (Pass Liangshan Dai Ninh). This way junction and bridge Dai Ninh hydropower dam Dai Ninh approximately 2.5km. This place sure everyone knows it. After 9.5km turn right go straight will add to the junction